Do you want to play the popular Happy Wheels game but are wondering how to play it? If yes, then worry not, for this post is then written exactly for you.

How to start playing Happy Wheels game?

Since its launch in 2010, Happy Wheels has become one of the most popular flash games all over the world. Because of the engaging, thrilling action which it offers, players find it extremely difficult to stop playing it once they get the hang of playing it. In fact playing this game is extremely simple and all it requires is the use of a couple of keys and thus it is popular across all age groups.

If you are not bothered by gory, violent graphics then read on to find out how to play the game.

  1. The first step for a new player would be to set his control options. Players can either select the default setting or make changes according to their preferences. This step is important since they get to know the control keys that are to be used to play the game. For example, they will learn that the default key for accelerating the character is the up arrow while the key for decelerating is the down arrow. They will also learn that the right arrow and the left arrow can be used to lean towards the right or the left respectively. The space bar can be used to perform a primary action in the game while the shift and control keys help the player perform the secondary actions. The “Z” key will help them eject the character form their vehicle and the “C” key can be used to switch on the camera to record their play.
  2. Once the control options are set, players can select a level for their game and start playing. In each level, they would first have to select the character they want to play with. They can choose from numerous pre set characters such as fat lady in a mobility scooter, Segway man, adventurer in a mine cart and others. All the characters in their specific vehicles have some special characteristics which would help them go pass specific hurdles. The demo version available on different websites does not have all the characters and hence players lose out an important and interesting part of the game if playing that.
  3. Now, players can start their game by simply pressing the up arrow. Using the different control keys, players now have to help their character move forward and in the process avoid the different obstacles that come in the way of the character. The obstacles can be in the form of holes, traps, creatures, wrecking balls, spikes, gravity wells, giant spiders, landmines and others. If the character is unable to avoid the hurdles then it would lead to arms and legs flying off and blood spilling out. If the head or body of the character gets blown away because of an obstacle, the game ends there.

Since the users can even create different levels in the game, every level changes and springs some or the other surprise on the player. Thus no level in this game can ever be boring and players need to be on their toes in order to keep trying to win the game.