The player needs to complete a task while trying to reach the finish such as collecting tokens or avoiding hurdles. Reading the above description of the game, you might be compelled to think about the reason for the enormous popularity of this game amongst the thousands of similar flash games available today. Well, the reasons for it are pretty much simple and it is no rocket science to guess those once you play the game.

Let us list down a few of these reasons.

  1. One of the primary reasons which players find interesting and captivating in this game is the basic reason why this game was developed in the first place itself. The use of rag-doll physics concept, which makes the character movement very life like, makes the game starkly different from the normal flash games which had the characters falling unnaturally or having movements which were very artificial and thus disappointed the players. This is not the case in Happy Wheels and the players of this game get the feel of real life where the characters get hurt or die in realistic ways rather than simply bouncing off after a fall or knock.
  2. The second reason for the immense popularity of this game is the vast choice it offers to its players. Whether in the form of hundreds of characters, each different in their own way, or in the form of being able to create new levels by adding or deleting something in the pre set levels. With features such a level editor, which lets player choose or update their own obstacle courses, the game offers hundreds of possibilities and thus is one of the favourites amongst thousands. And since each level is replay able, the fun just does end as players can play the same level with different characters and yet not get bored. In, fact not just the players but even the developers of this game take immense care to regularly update it with the 10th update having just been done to the game.
  3. Playing the game is extremely simple and with one or two trials, even non gamers can easily play the game. All that players have to do is to use a couple of arrow keys, namely the up, down, left and right arrow to make the character move and the enter key to use the special ability of the character to overcome an obstacle, and they are good to go. Simplicity combined with thrill provides the perfect cocktail to make this game hugely popular.

Happy Wheels has gained the approval of not just gaming enthusiasts but even mainstream game reviewers with the IGN even going on to say that the Happy Wheels game is one of the “Best Free Games” available. So if you need action and are not repulsed by black humour, then come play the game and get to know yourself why it is so popular.

Happy wheels unblocked