Why play Happy Wheels?

Unlike the normal side scoring flash games that had become the norm, here was a game which used the rag doll principle of physics and thus made the game much more realistic and thrilling. It is, in fact, a motocross-styled game that is based on the laws of motion and is made for those gaming enthusiasts who craved for funny but bloody actions in their game. Players got glued to their seats once they started playing this game since there were multiple pre set characters and levels which the game offered.

The game contains numerous characters such as wheelchair guy, irresponsible dad, moped couple, Santa Claus and many others and the player had to guide one of these selected characters to the exit. As the path between the start to finish is scattered with traps, explosives, and other obstacles, the player has to ensure that his selected character avoids all these obstacles. Crashing with an obstacle will lead to breaking of the body parts of the character thus spilling blood. Once the head or body of the character blows away, the game is over. Since each character has its own unique ability to move and tackle obstacles, it becomes exciting for the player to play the same level with different characters and get different results.

Players can select from different characters and developers can even create their own levels by tinkering with the goals and obstacles in the full version of the game. This keeps the player interested in the game for long as they get to play with different levels each time they add or delete something new. In fact, users have created thousands of user-generated levels. Since each level comes with a rating system it becomes child’s play to find out which levels are decent and can be played and which ones should be avoided.

Where to play Happy Wheels?

You can Play Happy Wheels on our website for free for as long as you want.

Who should not play Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is not for the fainthearted though and if you do not like seeing blood spilling out of your pixelated character or the arm or leg of the character flying off; then it is best to avoid the game. For others, the only advice is to start this game with lots of time at hand since it would be a humongous task to put it away when once started.

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