Happy Wheels has some pretty violent deaths with funny commentary below. The levels are challenging to go through and many have been made by users for their enjoyment. The developers of Happy Wheels are consistently adding new content to their game which can also be used by users in their new levels. While apps for Happy Wheels are still yet to come out, the developers have not stopped looking for ways to make this great game even better.

Success and Failures

Many people on YouTube document their success and their failures on Happy Wheels. This ridiculously funny video shows how truly funny dying in a game can be. The first montage he has done deals manly with the character, the Irresponsible Dad. He rides his bike with his son on the back and does not seem to care when his son gets hurt or how bad he is hurt. The only thing this dad seems to care about is when his son reaches the finish line first.

Would You Need Internet Connection?

The developers of Happy Wheels are about to unleash the iOS app that will allow people to play the game on their Apple device without having to worry about an internet connection to play. The browser version is the only one that is available at this time which allows people like PewDiePie to make their videos. As we are watching the video, we see him in the left hand corner going through this montage he created with us. There are three more great montages that he has done but this one has over twenty one million views.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites that allows anyone to post videos of their favorite things. PewDiePie has certainly entertained more people with his videos than many of his contemporaries. He also includes links to several different relevant sites where his viewers can enjoy the world of Happy Wheels for themselves.

Social Networking

PewDiePie gives his Facebook and Twitter information which allows people to follow him, giving them updates on new Happy Wheels montage videos that he has made. You can also subscribe to his YouTube page which will place his new videos in an easy to access tab to make finding them that much easier. If you do not have a YouTube account, you can always bookmark his page and return to see if he has posted something new. PewDiePie has created a large community of people who not only love gaming but they love his great montages of Happy Wheels. There are hundreds of comments where people request new videos to be made of him playing Happy Wheels. Do not forget to see this great video.

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