Lots of Benefits

When can you get this great new app? You might ask! Well, that question is easier asked then answered. Word has it that it will be coming out very soon, but we have been hearing that same answer for a long time now. In fact the development of Happy Wheels has been a long time coming and still we are waiting for word of its launch date. It was slated to be release in the summer of 2013, yet here we are at the end of 2014 and still no app. This app has suffered delay after delay and it might still be delayed even further, let us hope not.

An interview with some of the creators of Happy Wheels revealed that there have been many challenges in turning Happy Wheels into a working mobile app. One of the biggest challenges has been in converting the existing code that was designed for flash into the new code for IOS. It seems that modifying flash to IOS is a lot harder than they thought it would be.

They also site that adding touch controls to the game took longer than estimated. Since there will be no keyboard and all the controls had to be changed from their original form to a new form to account for touch screens. Developing a game is not easy and any number of things can go wrong, and they have.

Is it Worth the Wait?

The one great thing about the app taking so long is that we know that a lot of work has been put into this game. You can’t rush a quality game or in this case an app. The creators of this game want it to be remembered; they want to keep the old arcade feel but mix in the new technology of our day and age. Be assured that this IOS app will be one of a kind and worth the wait.

We have been reassured that the release of Happy Wheels is right around the corner and your long wait should be coming to an end. How soon? Well that’s anyone’s guess at the moment, but be assured that more info on this products release should be available within a few weeks’ time.

The Launch

The creators of the IOS Happy Wheels app state that they are getting close to being able to launch this app, but for the moment we are all still eagerly waiting for more news on this app. Take heart that they will fix the last of the problems and release a quality app that will bring you hours of fun!

Happy wheels unblocked