This game basically involves players to make their selected characters reach the end point after criss-crossing through a maze of obstacles all the while protecting the character from harm. A small slip or an accident can cause blood spilling out of the character, body parts flying off or even the head or body blowing away. It is an outstanding action filed game which makes use of rag-doll physics to treat its players to the racing theme and dark humour.

The main attractions of Happy Wheels:

  1. If you are of those who love playing action filled games and have got bored of the normal side-scrolling flash games which are found everywhere, then give a few minutes to Happy Wheels and chances are that you will never look at another game! This game is as compelling as it gets with its various levels, characters and obstacles that make it forever interesting and thrilling. 2.There is no need to buy this game and seeing the immense popularity of this game, efforts are underway to even launch a sequel and a mobile application version of it too.
  2. Presence of gaming features such as weight and real motion along with others make the game engaging as they affect the player’s game play throughout the entire game.
  3. The game does not have a final level as the level editor feature helps the game users to keep on adding newer and newer levels, thus making the game even more unpredictable and fun.
  4. Eclectic characters such as Wheelchair Guy, the irresponsible Mom, Santa Claus man, the Lawnmower Man, the Segway guy, the Moped couple and the others; each having their own quirks; make the game even more fun. Because of these different characters and the way their body responds to different obstacles and hurdles, players can play the same level innumerable times and yet not get bored of it since selecting a new player would start the level fresh each time.
  5. Seeing realistic end results such as in Happy Wheels is a huge high for avid game users who have got used to seeing their characters respond unnaturally in other games. This was also the prime reason why this game was created in the first place itself.

Happy Wheels game is a game which will appeal to all age groups of avid players who love gory action stuff which will keep them on their toes the entire time that they are playing the game. So, finish all your important work and then start playing it because once you start it, it will be difficult to stop.

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