The introduction

Helicopter Man was Happy Wheels fans’ Christmas present in 2013, as it joined the game right on the Christmas Eve of that year. His arrival was long-awaited, since the last character to be added to the popular game had been Irresponsible Mom, which had been launched in 2012.

A deeper look at the character

As his name suggests, Helicopter Man is an overweight character who is sitting in a small helicopter, which is his vehicle. The character is wearing a helmet, and has his freakishly small face covered in stubble, but what calls more attention is his rose-patterned black shirt.

Helicopter Man can speak, but he grunts more than he talks, particularly because he is overweight. He is also the first character in the game which can actually fly on purpose, which is a brand new feature for a playable character.

His helicopter can be quite useful of a vehicle, although it looks quite bulky, as the propeller-blades can serve as weapons to injure and kill other characters. Unfortunately, it can also break quite easily and into many pieces. The most debilitating losses are, however, when the blades break or the magnet, which is attached to the small autogyro, is separated from the vehicle.

The magnet itself is quite useful, as it does attract many of the movable objects present in the various game levels, whether they are metal or not. This is a neat trick, as it can help players achieve level objectives which involve moving certain objects from one place in the scenario to another, with a great level of ease.

Versatile and fun loving

Aside from that, Helicopter Man is actually quite a versatile character, who can hover in the air or go along any platforms, like other characters, thanks to his vehicle’s wheels. The character, however, looks much more impressive in the air, where it can do flips, as well as transport different items over buildings, including other playable and non-playable characters.

However, and although the ability to fly makes it much easier to clear the featured levels, much like it did when the improvised ability was used on Wheelchair Guy, the game’s original character, the helicopter can be quite hard to maneuver at first, particularly in tight spaces, where it can’t quite fly. Also, it is likely to break completely on impact, when a bad fall happens.

The good news is, Helicopter Man does not lose a lot of limbs frequently, and neither does he eject easily. When he does eject, however, it is also possible to reattach him through the magnet at the bottom of the small aircraft, which will still allow you to clear the level.

A final word

All in all, Helicopter Man is a fun, new addition to the Happy Wheels franchise, and one which opens up a lot of possibility for the game’s future, showing some evolution in a game which is quite simple, and could quite easily get stuck in its original formula, by allowing for a range of new, air based scenarios to be developed.

Happy wheels unblocked