A Unique iOS Version

The iOS version has been in development for many years which goes to show how much the developers care about giving their users a quality game that will simulate the experience that they have come to know and love from their extremely popular browser game. The iOS version has most of the development work completed which should mean that the Android version should also be in the works, right? Sadly, the developers have chosen to concentrate on getting their iOS version up and running before they continue work on the Android version of the game. This means that it could possibly be a year or more before Android users see a viable app that they can purchase.

The Testing

It is important to remember that the iOS version has not reached beta testing stage. As far as the actual design and testing goes, they have released a version that you can download for your iOS but it has not been seen in the iOS store as a beta app. The iOS version has six characters and the Android version will probably debut with the same six characters since many app designers choose to develop for Apple first and Google second. Keeping with the idea that the Android app will be the same as what they are currently developing for Android, the game will have levels for each of the characters that will be specifically tailored to each character. These levels will be organized by chapter which will identify the featured character so you can choose to play your favorite character without having to switch between them when you move to a different level.

The iOS version of the app will feature the level editor which we can assume will also be included in the Android version upon release. The levels will be able to be publically edited as well after a few updates of course which we can hope that they have in the release version of the Android app since it will still take them awhile to release it to the Android store.

The Price of the App

The iOS is said to be coming out with a price tag of $2.99 but, many of the Android apps are free with in-app purchases which leads us to hope that the developers of Happy Wheels will continue that with their app. With the Android version’s release somewhere in the future, Happy Wheels players with Android users will continue to have to be connected to the internet to play until the app is made. Then, they will be able to cut their internet ties and be able to enjoy their game on the go.

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